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Please plan on us for events in the fall, especially our holiday reunion celebration in December.

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ARP Events

Retired faculty and staff met for lunch at the Park Café on Thursday, June 1, our annual pre-commencement lunch. They celebrated the 60th anniversary of the college, viewed a slide show of the the college over the years, and shared stories.

Read the full story to see a photo taken at our annual spring luncheon last year. In the center of that photo is CSI student Basilio Allen,who was the recipient of the ARP Scholarship for 2015-2016. We were moved by his account of coming up through foster care to become a successful student at the College of Staten Island. He is a joint major in Sociology/Anthropology and Dramatic Arts. He also volunteered at the Center for Accessibility and organized several performance groups on his own.

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The Association of Retired Professors (the ARP) has changed its name to the Academy of Retired Professionals. We didn’t intend to be exclusionary; we wanted to include all instructional staff–and so we’ve changed our name.

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