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ARP Events

Friday, 20 March 12:00 noon

Lunch and sociability in the Park Café, followed by two talks about changes at CSI. As you may know, there are now three new “schools” at CSI, the Schoolof Business, the School of Education, and the School of Health Sciences(the latter comprises Nursing and Physical Therapy).

We’ll hear about these new schools from the deans of two of them, Susan Holak of Business and Maureen Becker of Health Sciences. (Next year we expect to invite Kenneth Gold of Education.)

Please make your reservation for the 20 March event by Wednesday, 18 March. The cost will be $25.00; you can charge or pay by check to the CSI Foundation.

Call Donna Elwell at 718-982-2365 or email her at

Tuesday, 26 May 12:00 noon

Commencement week luncheon-—SAVE THE DATE

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The Association of Retired Professors (the ARP) has changed its name to the Academy of Retired Professionals. We didn’t intend to be exclusionary; we wanted to include all instructional staff–and so we’ve changed our name.

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