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ARP Spring Reunion Luncheon was held on Thursday, June 1, 2017

Retired faculty and staff  met for lunch at the Park Café on Thursday, June 1, our annual pre-commencement lunch. They celebrated the 60th anniversary of the college, viewed a slide show of the the college over the years, and shared stories.


August 2016 News

Retired faculty and staff met for lunch at the Park Café on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 our annual pre-commencement lunch. Here we all are.

In the center of our picture is Basilio Allen, the recipient of the ARP Scholarship for 2015-2016. We were pleased that he could join us and moved by his account of coming up through foster care to become a successful student at the College of Staten Island. He’a joint major in Sociology/Anthropology and Dramatic Arts. He’s also volunteered at the Center for Accessibility and organized several performance groups on his own.


In Memoriam

Grace Petrone (Business), 30 October 2017

Robert Chiles (Philosophy), 12 August 2016

Tom Bond (Biology), 12 April 2016

Max Spalter (English), April 2016

Fred Binder (History), 16 January 2016

Herbert Liebman (English), 17 October 2015

Claudia Corradini (Modern Languages), 29 April 2015

Andre Weiszmann (Physics), 21 February 2015

Charlotte Alexander (English), 27 November 2014